Forming Technology

Vac Forming machine

DJM has developed a complete line of VacForm machines for the production of (10:1 and 4:1) hamburgers, schnitzels, chicken nuggets, fish sticks and vegetable products are also possible. These machines can produce more than 1,400 kg of chicken nuggets and more than 4,000 kg of burgers per hour. The patented DJM pressure distribution system ensures extremely small weight variations, which prevents product loss and optimises economic production. By also equipping the machines with an automatic paper insertion system – paper interleaver, the products can be produced in stacks with a ‘sheet of paper’ between each product so they are always easy to separate from each other. If required DJM can build machines with even higher production capacities in order to always perfectly match your production situation, requirements and possibilities.

Artisanal burgers

Especially for the production of burgers with a traditional homemade appearance, DJM developed ‘Premium Butcher Burger’ technology. The characteristic ‘handmade appearance’ is applied in one smooth movement by a combination of extrusion and flattening technology. The patented DJM pressure distribution system ensures extremely precise portion control within one tenth of a gram! Thanks to the high running speeds (up to 150 strokes/ minute) and simultaneous production with 1 to 4 extrusion heads, a high production capacity of more than 600 products per minute is achieved. An unique surface pattern can be created, by expanding the system with a profile roll making the product look extremely attractive whilst in the packaging.

Flattening conveyor belt

Two digitally speed controlled conveyor belts (400, 600 or 1000 mm width) of the DJM-flattening units are positioned at an (adjustable) angle, while their speed is automatically synchronized with a Co-extrusion- or forming machine. This results in perfectly shaped flat products with very low thickness tolerances. Suitable for meat, fish and chicken products, hamburgers, stuffed cheese products, stuffed meat disks, Cordon Bleu’s or the famous German Frikadeller.