Over 40 years of excellence in machine building

DJM Food Processing was founded in 1978 and has developed over the past decades into a major player in the global market for production machines for fast food, convenience food, pet food, vega-food and more! With a wide range of machines, DJM offers solutions for all production steps, from the input of product mix to the finished product.


Total solutions

Whether it concerns well-known products such as hamburgers, chicken- or fish nuggets, stuffed cheese sticks or the unique one-cycle Scotch Eggs, for all these and many more other products DJM creates a profitable production line from A to Z. An extensive R&D department, advanced production techniques and our own test facilities, form the basis for high-end machines and systems, in which unique patented techniques are applied.

Food Processor

Worldwide service support

Customers, anywhere in the world, can rely on our machines and professional service support, perfectly tailored to their needs. In collaboration with selected service partners, we install machines, carry out regular maintenance, solve problems and supply (and replace) wearing parts worldwide. Machines can be adapted to new products through specific tool changes on site, while major repairs, overhauls and upgrades can be carried out in the workshop.

Food Processor


Using contemporary digital technologies (IIoT, Industry 4.0), we can also perform failure analyzes and software updates remotely. A DJM machine stands for security, efficiency, reliability, low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), optimal ROI (Return on Investment) and an excellent OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Food Processor