DJM sets the standard in food production technology.

Innovative – Flexible – Reliable

As a producer of snacks, convenience food and animal feed, you know better than anyone that quality, hygiene, flexibility, accuracy and efficiency are important production parameters. This is important as it lays the foundation for the success and profitability of your company. Quick reaction to current trends and developments is essential for a strong market position, while efficient production is the foundation for an optimal return. The ability to quickly and easily switch to other product varieties also means minimal downtime and high production capacity, while extremely precise dosing prevents the loss of raw materials. In order for this to happen you need cutting edge design, production machines, that have been developed with parameters that are essential to you, as important starting points. Machines that are fast, powerful, flexible, durable, accurate, economical and easy to maintain.

Ready for the future, machines and equipment that are easy to operate and compatible with other machines to create fully automated production lines. Intended for critical users in the food industry. Users like you, who are not content with less, but also do not want to pay more than is strictly necessary. Our level-headed, Dutch view of development, production and service lays the solid foundation for this and we continue to look for new and better techniques and systems, with the latest technology. This is reflected in our innovative solutions, where unique and patented methods and components make the difference that sets us apart from the crowd in our sector. In addition to this, we are flexible and reliable. No matter which snack, convenience food or pet food you produce or want to produce, we have the perfect Food processing machine and equipment solutions for you, or we tailor make a solution for you if necessary.