Diaphragm Technology

Diaphragm technology machine

An important feature of DJM diaphragm machines is that the dosage opening can be varied, fast and continuous. This can be used to produce round and oval products, such as meatballs, potato balls, fish balls or falafel, but also more complex 3D products, to meet your needs. Variation in viscosity and temperature is not a problem, so these machines can handle a wide range of product mixes.

DJM diaphragm machines are available as standard with 1 to 16 diaphragm dosing heads, realising a maximum production capacity of more than 140,000 products per hour! Expansion to more than 16 dosing heads is possible. The patented DJM pressure distribution system ensures extremely precise portion control. Additional machine options include different diaphragm/iris shapes and designs, height-adjustable conveyor belts, stepper system for optimal loading of the conveyor belt, etc.