Digital Twin

New Digital Twin VacForm machine

VacForm machine developed with the MCD-packet from Siemens

A beautiful Digital Twin of the VacForm machine with the MCD package from Siemens has been developed. This machine 'forms' various products such as burgers, nuggets and numerous other products for supermarkets and restaurants. . Together with DJM and Siemens,...Read more

Plant protein

DJM’s leading edge technology ideal for plant-based protein products

Plant Based Proteins, a healthy alternative!

The global plant-based protein market is booming and plays a significant role by providing vital nutritional benefits in food, beverages, protein bars & snacks and various types of dairy and meat alternatives. Extrusion and forming technology is the leading edge...Read more


DJM Food Processing has entered an exclusive cooperation with Reiser

Important Announcement

It is our pleasure to announce that DJM Foodprocessing has entered an exclusive cooperation with Reiser - North America. Their extensive experience and application knowledge will allow customers to fully understand the possibilities & benefits of the DJM forming technology...Read more

OW PRESSURE Forming machine

LOW PRESSURE Forming machine

Advanced forming technology

The truly only LOW PRESSURE Forming machine for meat, fish, vegetarian, cheese, potato and snack products. Available in 400, 600 and 1.200mm versions with optional paperfeed systems. Will operate in combination all brands of vacuum fillers! Simple Plug & Play...Read more

DJM 24-head extruder producing vegetarian snacks

24-head Extruder producing vegetarian snacks

Take a look at a recent 24-head extruder installation for one of our clients.

The picture to the left shows a 24-head extruder, producing vegetarian snacks that was recently installed for one of our clients. If you would like more information about our extruder technologies and how we can help you, please consult your...Read more

Frikideller video

DJM VacForm forming technology video

Frikadeller production using the DJM VacForm forming technology

DJM has developed a complete line of VacForm machines. The patented DJM pressure distribution system ensures extremely small weight variations, which prevents product loss and optimizes economic production. If required DJM can build machines with even higher production capacities in...Read more

Process Expo

PROCESS EXPO October 8th-11th 2019

Meet us at the PROCESS EXPO in Chicago, USA.

PROCESS EXPO in Chicago, USA DJM Food Processing will be at this global food equipment and technology show October 8th-11th as an exhibitor with our North American Distributor Scan American Corp. Stop by our booth (#424) to speak with one...Read more

DJM VacForm VF06 forming machine

A powerful DJM combination created

DJM technologies at their best!

Another successful FAT of a DJM VacForm VF06 forming machine in combination with a VEMAG vacuum filler. A powerful combination! We just shipped it to a Danish customer (of course on a pallet and fully wrapped...)!Read more

DJM Truck being loaded

Just shipped! DJM 16-head depositing technology

Introducing our new DJM vacuum filling and 16-head depositing technology

We are proud to announce that our latest DJM vacuum filling and 16-head depositing technology for a pie dosing application has been shipped in July. Great Team efforts!Read more