Food forming machine

This is why DJM forming machines are conquering the market

ROI less than 12 months plus the best possible yield, product texture and taste!

The production of convenience food, finger food and snacks keeps growing worldwide. Also the use of plant-based proteins. Food processors keep coming up with the most challenging combinations of shape and texture and it is up to the engineers of DJM Food Processing to design state-of-the-art solutions for this. They have been doing so for more than forty years, which is why DJM forming machines are globally known for their cutting edge technology. DJM variable speed forming machines can, for instance, produce up to 3,500 kg of nuggets and up to 4,000 kg of meat- or vega-burgers per hour.

High yield
But besides speed, DJM forming machines are also exceptionally precise and cost effective. For example, the low pressure forming technology ensures a yield increase of 1 – 1,5%. All products retain their shape (minimal shrinkage) and optimal texture, resulting in a better bite and mouthfeel. And that’s what customers greatly value! But that is not all, as DJM forming machines also have an outstanding weigh-control over all individual products. Together with precise forming, this results in absolutely minimal product losses. When you have a fully cooked processing line, you will also benefit of up to 5% less cooking losses. . In addition to the all-round benefits, and low Cost of Ownership, the investment in DJM forming machines is characterized by a unique ROI of usually less than 12 months, meaning that they are very profitable. Therefore it is not surprising that DJM’s turnover continues to increase. Year after year!

Why customers are choosing DJM Food Processing equipment
– Versatility and flexibility of an attachment and vacuum filler
– Outstanding weight control
– Direct yield increase (up to 1,5%)
– Up to 5% reduced cooking losses
– No hydraulics, no air
– Low maintenance costs (only 3 moving parts)
– 400, 600 and 1.200 mm wide solutions
– 40 years experience