Artisanal burgers 1 stack

Tailor Made solutions

Many possiblities for snack and convenience food products can be marketed if a solution to produce them consistently and profitably exists. DJM thrives on making new product ideas a reality. Together with our customers our innovative team of developers, designers, production and service technicians work with you to achieve unique ideas for the market. This ensures hygiene by design, meeting EHEDG regulations. We also focus on making operation and maintenanace straight forward tasks. One example of this collaboration and tailor made design is our scotch egg machine. Durable long lasting equipment is guarenteed. A suitable solution for every demand a DJM machine means security, efficiency, reliability and an optimal return on investment. These are important features that can be found in our extensive standard programme as well as in custom developed and manufactured machines. Because, no matter which products you produce, require or invent, the challenge of supplying a machine for that purpose is something we are happy to take on. Time and time again!