Shrimp finger food

Shrimp | Gamba | White fish

To assure an optimal use of raw material and thus creating a sustainable and high efficiency process, it is common to use small and broken shrimp, gamba and white fish parts to reconstruct into delicious gamba shaped finger food.  This process is based on the unique DJM ring-extrusion technology.

The unique ring extruders make it possible to produce popular “3D shaped” products in a smooth production process. The extrusion heads are equipped with a sophisticated quick-change system, making it very easy to switch to other product shapes. Additional advantages include:

• very precise weight control,
• application of an efficient high-speed cutting system and
• application of ‘gentle touch’ technology in order not to damage fragile products

Please consult your local representative or contact us at DJM Food Processing for more information about our ring-extrusion technology.