Chicken cordon blue - filled poultry

Filled poultry products

Next to the well-known Cordon Blue and Chicken Kiev, other filled poultry products are becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Well before this became a trend, DJM developed and installed various co-extruders to produced filled chicken products. Each specific producer, usually also depending on the geographical area, has its own choice of specific ingredients and fillings.

Filled poultry products with:
Cheese, sauce, herbs, garlic, chutney,  etcetera. You name it, we’ll make it work.

Chicken Kiev
The products can be produced using either forming– or co-extrusion technology. The first being more labour-intensive, the 2nd being “fully” automated.

Cordon Blue
This is typically a forming application where through the use of a pendulum slicer a slice of ham and cheese are being deposited onto the patty. Next the patty is folded and pressed to avoid leakages. The forming technology of DJM Food Processing as well as potential robot handling could create an automated solution for your company.

Please consult your local representative or contact us at DJM Food Processing for more information.