For the production of ragout based croquettes, DJM has several solutions in it’s portfolio.

The specialists feel that the perfect croquette is a perfect ball, rolled in breading and than rolled out to a full size croquette. This enables perfectly shaped round edges with, most important, a perfect breading.

In fact, there are two solutions:

The perfect croquette:

Using the DJM diaphragm system, followed by a ball roller, followed by a rolling device that creates the specific croquette shape.

The croquette with less perfect, or straight, edges:

The combination of a DJM diaphragm system directly followed by a rolling device that creates the croquette shape. The advantage is that the line is shorter, the dis-advantage is the final shape. For some applications and customers, this could be of a lesser importance.

DJM has supplied machines currently in use to produce any type of croquettes, including but not limited to shrimp, potato, ragout, sate, veal, pulled pork et.

Please consult your local representative or contact us at DJM Food Processing for more information.