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Chicken nuggets | fingers | bites | schnitzels

Breaded poultry products are common and increasingly popular. The challenge is to achieve excellent weight control combined with a precise product shape amongst all products. The majority of the mentioned products can be produced on Extruders and / or Forming machines.

Unprecedented flexibility combined with high production capacity are some of the outstanding features of DJM extrusion machines. The product mix is pressed through an extrusion nozzle at a precisely controlled pressure and speed, laying the foundation for a reliable, continuous production process. Depending on the model, the capacity can be up to more than 5,000 products per minute! An ingenious double-acting cutting system ensures that each product is produced exactly according to the set parameters. The precise control of product size and weight, produces an extremely efficient and economical production process without loss of raw materials.

Forming machines:
The forming machines start with a production capacity from 1,300 kg/hr. The patented DJM pressure distribution system ensures extremely small weight variations, which prevents product loss and optimizes economic production. The machine models range from 400 mm up to 1.200 mm width and produce up to 3.500 kg/hr.

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