Onion rings

Onion rings

Reconstructed onion rings

Sustainability in food processing is very important. In order not to waste any raw material and to create a sustainable and high efficient process, it is common to use small and broken onion parts to reconstruct into complete onion rings....Read more

Potato products - smilies

Rosti, smileys and potato croquettes

For the production of potato products, DJM can offer a variety of machines suitable for different type of products including filled potato products.

For the production of various potato products, DJM can offer a variety of machines suitable for different type of products, including filled potato products. Breaded potato products are common meal components used in the restaurant industry. The challenge is to...Read more

vegetarian burger

Vegetarian burger

The new hype: “Veggie burgers”

To meet the call for a more sustainable food chain, and to accommodate the wishes of vegetarians and veganists, the demand for vegetarian products is booming. This concerns mostly soy-based products but also specific combinations of potato- and vegetable based...Read more



For automated portioning and folding of Samosa snacks, DJM has developed a specific solution that deposits weight controlled portions onto a piece of dough. The exact positioning allows automated folding and gluing of the samosa snack, and thus minimizing the amount of required manual labour on the production line.

The turn-key solution as supplied contains fully integrated docking systems that include vacuum stuffer, depositor, glue depositor as well as a pre-loading set up. For further information on this specific or similar applications, please do not hesitate to contact our...Read more

Falafel snack

Falafel snack

One of the most popular Middle Eastern snacks

Probably one of the most popular Middle Eastern snacks can be produced in several ways using the wide variety of DJM machines. Whether produced on a diaphragm machine, a forming machine, extruder or co-extruder, the produced falafel snack balls are...Read more