Cheese bites

Chili Cheese bites

A specific solution for a well known, and demanding, QSR

A specifically designed cheese snack by a well known QSR, has been a challenge for our Engineering Team.  The type of cheese used has tough characteristics like viscosity, fat content, stickiness, etcetera. The final solution was achieved by creating a...Read more

Artisanal burgers 1 stack

Tailor Made solutions

Customer specific solutions

Many possiblities for snack and convenience food products can be marketed if a solution to produce them consistently and profitably exists. DJM thrives on making new product ideas a reality. Together with our customers our innovative team of developers, designers,...Read more



“The Perfect Croquette”

For the production of ragout based croquettes, DJM has several solutions in it's portfolio. The specialists feel that the perfect croquette is a perfect ball, rolled in breading and than rolled out to a full size croquette. This enables perfectly...Read more

Scotch Egg - whole egg

Scotch Egg

“The secret of getting a whole egg into a meat ball”

An unique solution developed by DJM to produce scotch eggs in large quantities, highly automated with excellent weight control. This innovative technology is based upon the proven co-extrusion technology but more refined and specifically developed to accommodate complete boiled eggs....Read more