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Chicken nuggets | fingers | bites | schnitzels

Breaded poultry products with a variety of shapes

Breaded poultry products are common and increasingly popular. The challenge is to achieve excellent weight control combined with a precise product shape amongst all products. The majority of the mentioned products can be produced on Extruders and / or Forming...Read more

Chicken cordon blue - filled poultry

Filled poultry products

Chicken Kiev, Cordon Bleu and other filled poultry products

Next to the well-known Cordon Blue and Chicken Kiev, other filled poultry products are becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Well before this became a trend, DJM developed and installed various co-extruders to produced filled chicken products. Each specific producer,...Read more

Scotch Egg - whole egg

Whole egg

“The secret of getting a whole egg into a (chicken) meat ball”

A unique solution developed by DJM Food Processing to produce scotch eggs in large quantities, highly automated with excellent weight control. This innovative technology is based upon the proven co-extrusion technology but more refined and specifically developed to accommodate complete...Read more