Artisanal burgers 1 stack

Artisanal burgers

Burgers, as if home-made according to family recepies

Distinctive and high quality burgers are big business. These types of burgers stand out by appearance, size, weight and quality. Especially for the production of these types of burgers, DJM developed their ‘Premium Butcher Burger’ technology. The characteristic ‘homemade look’ is...Read more

burgers patties


Industrial mass produced burgers.

Standard burgers have become a part of our daily life and are a popular meal component. The production of burgers can be divided into two categories: "fast & flexible" versus "mono-production / high capacity".  For both production types, DJM offers...Read more

Meat balls

Meat balls

Meat balls (perfect or with a home made appearance )

Probably the most popular product in the world can be produced in several ways using the wide variety of DJM machines. Whether produced on a diaphragm machine, a forming machine, extruder or co-extruder, the produced meat balls are either perfectly...Read more

Kebab meat

Kebab / Gyros

Kebabs, perfectly shaped and accurately produced in high volumes

Kebabs/Gyros are becoming increasingly popular. Producers have been searching for methods to produce these type of food products in larger quantities while maintaining the distinctive looks and texture. DJM's answer to this application is it's continuous extruder technology, usually in...Read more

Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon

The French style meat stews

Boeuf Bourguignon is a typical French style family dish that can now be produced in an industrial manner with excellent shape retention as well as accurate weight control. DJM Food Processing's high capacity multi-head extruders with specific cutting-edge cutting technology form...Read more



Sausage production

The DJM vacuum fillers are ideal machines for the production of sausages in various types of casings. Obviously the accurate weight- and portion control as well as the high production capacity, are the most eye catching benefits.Read more



“The Perfect Croquette”

For the production of ragout based croquettes, DJM has several solutions in it's portfolio. The specialists feel that the perfect croquette is a perfect ball, rolled in breading and than rolled out to a full size croquette. This enables perfectly...Read more

Filled puff pastry

Sausage roll

A filled puff pastry product

Mass production of these types of filled puff pastry products (Ex. sausage rolls) can be achieved by using DJM's depositing technology. The multi-head solutions can be tailor made into any belt width to suit specific requirements. Depositing any type of...Read more