Cheese fingers mozarella sticks

Mozzarella sticks

Coated Mozzarella sticks

For sticky and relatively soft cheeses such as cheese fingers, our extrusion technology is extremely suited. This technology, as used by several customers, is able to handle challenging raw materials. Unprecedented flexibility combined with high production capacity are some of...Read more

Filled cheese products

Stuffed cheese products

Filled cheese products (ball or oblong shaped) can be produced using the DJM multi-head co-extrusion technology using different diaphragms and nozzles. The patented pressure distribution system ensures extremely precise portion control. Additional machine options include different iris shapes and designs, height-adjustable conveyor...Read more

Butter slicing

Accurate and precise butter slicing

Another application for the DJM extruders is to portion, accurate and with an exact controlled weight, slices of butter. This sticky and soft product is cut precisely by utilizing an ultrasonic cutting device. A technology that enables an extremely high...Read more