VacForm machines are ideal for producing burgers, cutlets, chicken nuggets, fillets, vegetarian products and more. The standard production capacity for chicken nuggets is over 1,400 kg per hour, while burgers can even be produced at a capacity of up to 4,750 kg per hour. If desired, even higher production capacities are possible, with which our form machines always perfectly match any (desired) production situation.

The patented DJM pressure dividing system ensures extremely small weight variations, which prevents product loss and optimizes economic production.

DJM’s co-extrusion machines are ideal for the production of (filled) snacks such as cheese balls, meat pies and other ‘3D Products’. They are unique in the world, which is illustrated by the fact that they can produce Scotch Eggs in one single process cycle.

Simultaneous production, deploying up to 14 synchronous extrusion heads (or more in extended machine-versions), is reflected in a very high production capacity of up to 84,000 products per minute. Also the patented DJM pressure distribution system plays an important role in co-extrusion technology and forms the foundation for a high, constant transport speed, combined with low operating costs.

Unprecedented flexibility combined with high production capacity are some of the outstanding features of DJM 3D extruders. They are ideal for the production of specially shaped filled products such as the ever popular Cheese Chili bites, but also for potato wedges and ‘round shaped’ products.

Ring extruder

DJM’s unique ring extruders produce popular ‘round shaped’ products such as calamari and onion rings and are also the perfect solution for 3D products like scampi bites and snacks with a soft (cheese) filling. The extrusion heads are equipped with the sophisticated DJM quick-change system, making it very easy to switch to other product shapes!

DJM has developed a program of flattening belt machines that are available in different widths and are made up of two motor driven conveyor belts that are positioned at an (adjustable) angle to each other. A precise synchronous belt movement then ensures precisely formed flat products. These machines are widely used for processing different product mixes based on meat, fish or Plant Based Protein. A popular application is the processing of balls or disks into perfectly portioned and shaped burgers.

DJM flattening belt machines are powered by energy efficient drum motors, whose speed can be precisely adjusted by hand. The flattening conveyor belt technology is the ideal next step after forming in which homogeneous or filled products are required as the final product. By processing the products with profile rollers prior to the flattening phase, a unique surface pattern can be created, which makes products look even more attractive in the packaging. DJM’s flattening technology is suitable for meat, fish and chicken products, hamburgers, stuffed cheese products, stuffed meat disks, etcetera.

A fast and continuous dosage opening is one of the most important features of DJM diaphragm machines. They can be used to produce round and oval shaped products such as meatballs, potato balls, fish balls and falafel, while more complex 3D shapes are also possible.

Variation in viscosity and temperature is not a problem, so these machines can handle a wide range of product mixes. DJM diaphragm machines are available with up to16 diaphragm dosing heads, realising a production speed up to 150 strokes per minute and a output of over 140,000 products per hour. The patented DJM pressure distribution system ensures extremely precise portion control. Additional machine options include different diaphragm/iris shapes and designs, height-adjustable conveyor belts, stepper system for optimal loading of the conveyor belt, etc.

Unprecedented flexibility in combination with a high production capacity are outstanding features of DJM extruders. Precise control of product size and weight, produces an extremely efficient and economical production process without loss of raw material. Production speeds are possible of over 230,000 products per hour! Extrusion is the ideal technology for the production of croquettes, meat and vegetarian sticks, petfood in various shapes and more!

DJM has developed versatile dosing and depositing systems for fast and accurate dosing of a wide variety of fillings. For example, minced meat, chocolate mousse, a spicy sauce or even soft, creamy substances!

DJM dosing/depositing machines can be fitted with up to 24 dosing heads in a row, with the option to create several rows using servo driven activators. This results in a continuous smooth intermittent motion, so that the filling reaches exactly the right place. As far as dosing heads are concerned, all conceivable shapes can be created, which means these machines are the foundation for your most innovative product programs.

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