Vacuum Fill Technology

DJM highly recommends to use Vemag vacuum fillers
VEMAG Vacuum Fill Technology machine
Economic Solutions for Small and Industrial Producers – the Vacuum Filling Machines by VEMAG

The vacuum filling machines by VEMAG cover a vast range of solutions for filling and portioning of paste-like products, doughs and mixtures. The spectrum ranges from small-scale trade solutions up to highly industrialized applications

The advantages of the VEMAG vacuum filling machines are absolutely precise portioning and gentle handling of the raw material. Whether sausage meat, meat mixtures, doughs, plant-based proteins, gourmet salads or similar paste-like products, with our without chunky particles: the VEMAG vacuum filling machines are perfectly suited for almost any application area and convey the product accurately and without crushing at all times during the filling procedure. Another convincing option is the grinder attachment that ensures first-class appearance for formed products and guarantees an extremely high end product quality.

The VEMAG machines are practically unrivalled in terms of output and filling-pressure: VEMAG vacuum filling machines even fill and portion stiff and extremely cold mixtures with utmost reliability and outstanding consistency, achieving a hundred percent weight accuracy thanks to the help of the proven double-screw technology.

High Performance for any application Especially the high performance portioners of the HP series define new standards in vacuum filling technology. The portfolio extends from small trade up to industrial performance categories: with filling capacities from 2 tonnes per hour up to 25 tonnes, the VEMAG machines meet any requirement for precise and reliable filling and portioning.

Flexible double-screw technology for highest product quality The double-screw technology by VEMAG is a unique selling point of the Verden-based company. The Double Screw Feed System handles the filling material with utmost care, reducing the product losses and optimizing the total process cost thanks to the stability and longevity of this proven technology.

The VEMAG Duo Drive with two separate drives for the conveying element and the feeding unit, as well as a broad range of different double screws help adjusting and customizing the machines to any type of product and output, thus meeting all requirements of the operator and making every VEMAG filling machine the ideal and precise portioning unit for further attachments, for example for shaped products or products filled in multiple lanes

Outstanding hygiene standards Complying with hygienic standards is essential for the daily use and self-explanatory for all VEMAG solutions, since they are conceptually designed for extraordinary hygiene. The machines are cleaned with low pressure equipment and common detergents. The entire electronic control unit is perfectly protected by a vapour- and dust-proof housing inside of the machine. The proven Box-in-Box system is another unique selling point of all VEMAG machines and guarantees both the highest hygienic standard and an exceptional availability of the machines.

Profitable investment The VEMAG vacuum filling machines serve as the heart of complete production lines. In combination with customized attachments they can be used for way more than just “classical” portioning and filling tasks. Flexibility, reliability, longevity, suitability for daily use, reduction of giveaway and simple handling result in an exemplary return on investment and make the vacuum filling machines by VEMAG the perfect partner for any food producer.