Vacuum Fill Technology

A good filling line is all about speed, accuracy, capacity and quality. DJM’s vacuum fillers use servo-controlled vane pumps, which can be transported and dosed extremely precisely at high speeds. By combining the infeed and transport action with a vacuum, air inclusions and air bubbles are completely removed from the product mix. This results in a streamlined product flow to the next processing station without interruption and product rejection. All machine components, particularly those in contact with foodstuffs, are made of high-grade stainless steel. The high-performance drive is equipped with energy-efficient IE3 motors. We also provide ancilliary equipment to complement your process such as elevator systems for trolleys and containers, and filling, rotating and sealing units. The machines can also be equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which extends the service life while reducing maintenance costs. DJM attachment machines On the following pages you will find an overview of the DJM attachment machines that can be used to produce various product shapes and types quickly, efficiently and accurately.The patented DJM pressure distribution system plays an important role in this and lays the foundation for consistent flow and low operating cost. All our machines are durable and easy to maintain and can also be monitored ‘remotely’ for service purposes and software updates.

Diaphragm technology

An important feature of DJM diaphragm machines is that the dosage opening can be varied, fast and continuous.
This can be used to produce round and oval products, such as meatballs, potato balls, fish balls or falafel, but also
more complex 3D products, to meet your needs. Variation in viscosity and temperature is not a problem, so these
machines can handle a wide range of product mixes.
DJM diaphragm machines are available as standard with 1 to 16 diaphragm dosing heads, realising a maximum
production capacity of more than 140,000 products per hour! Expansion to more than 16 dosing heads is possible.
The patented DJM pressure distribution system ensures extremely precise portion control. Additional machine
options include different diaphragm/iris shapes and designs, height-adjustable conveyor belts, stepper system for
optimal loading of the conveyor belt, etc.

Co-extrusion technology

The fast food market is always changing and new products that have different shapes are regularly introduced. For
the production of (filled) snacks such as cheese balls, meat pies and ‘3D Products’, DJM has developed versatile
co-extrusion machines. These are unique in the world and can, for example, produce Scotch Eggs in one seamless
process, as well as filled mozzarella sticks for example. Simultaneously production using several synchronous
co-extruded heads, means it is possible to realise a very high production capacity. The patented DJM pressure
distribution system also plays an important role in co-extrusion technology and is the foundation for a high, constant
transport speed and low operating costs.

Extrusion technology

Unprecedented flexibility combined with high production capacity are some of the outstanding features of DJM
extrusion machines. The product mix is pressed through an extrusion nozzle at a precisely controlled pressure and
speed, laying the foundation for a reliable, continuous production process. Depending on the model, the capacity
can be up to more than 5,000 products per minute! An ingenious double-acting cutting system ensures that each
product is produced exactly according to the set parameters. The precise control of product size and weight,
produces an extremely efficient and economical production process without loss of raw materials.

Ring extruder
DJM’s unique ring extruders make it possible to produce popular ‘round shaped’ products like calamaris and onion
rings in a smooth production process. DJM’s ring extruder technology is also the perfect solution for 3D products
like scampi bites and snacks with a soft (cheese) filling. The extrusion heads are equipped with the sophisticated
DJM quick-change system, making it very easy to switch to other product shapes. Additional advantages include:
• very precise weight control,
• application of an efficient high-speed cutting system and
• application of ‘gentle touch’ technology in order not to damage fragile products.

Artisanal burgers

Especially for the production of burgers with a traditional homemade appearance, DJM developed ‘Premium
Butcher Burger’ technology. The characteristic ‘handmade appearance’ is applied in one smooth movement by
a combination of extrusion and flattening technology. The patented DJM pressure distribution system ensures
extremely precise portion control within one tenth of a gram! Thanks to the high running speeds (up to 150 strokes/
minute) and simultaneous production with 1 to 4 extrusion heads, a high production capacity of more than 600
products per minute is achieved. An unique surface pattern can be created, by expanding the system with a profile
roll making the product look extremely attractive whilst in the packaging.

Flattening conveyor belt
Two digitally speed controlled conveyor belts (400, 600 or 1000 mm width) of the DJM-flattening units are positioned at an (adjustable) angle, while their speed is automatically synchronized with a Co-extrusion- or forming machine. This results in perfectly shaped flat products with very low thickness tolerances. Suitable for meat, fish and chicken products, hamburgers, stuffed cheese products, stuffed meat disks, Cordon Bleu’s or the famous German Frikadeller.

Forming technology

DJM has developed a complete line of VacForm machines for the production of (10:1 and 4:1) hamburgers, schnitzels,
chicken nuggets, fish sticks and vegetable products are also possible. These machines can produce more than 1,400
kg of chicken nuggets and more than 4,000 kg of burgers per hour. The patented DJM pressure distribution system
ensures extremely small weight variations, which prevents product loss and optimises economic production. By also
equipping the machines with an automatic paper insertion system – paper interleaver, the products can be produced in stacks with a
‘sheet of paper’ between each product so they are always easy to separate from each other. If required DJM can
build machines with even higher production capacities in order to always perfectly match your production situation,
requirements and possibilities.

Dosing technology

There are now many snacks and convenience products on the market that come with a delicious filling. This can
include minced meat, chocolate mousse, a spicy sauce, also and even a creamy substance. DJM has developed
versatile spot and flow dosing systems for fast and precise dosing of a wide range of fillings. Up to 24 dosing heads
in a row, are possible on this machine. We have the option to create several rows using servo driven activators, this
gives continuous smooth intermittent motion, so that the filling reaches exactly the right place. As far as dosing
heads are concerned, all conceivable shapes can be created. This means that these machines are the foundation for
your most innovative product programmes.



Many possiblities for snack and convenience food products can be marketed if a solution to produce them
consistently and profitably exists. DJM thrives on making new product ideas a reality. Together with our customers
our innovative team of developers, designers, production and service technicians work with you to achieve unique
ideas for the market. This ensures hygiene by design, meeting EHEDG regulations. We also focus on making operation
and maintenanace straight forward tasks. One example of this collaboration and tailor made design is our scotch egg
machine. Durable long lasting equipment is guaranteed.
A suitable solution for every demand
A DJM machine means security, efficiency, reliability and an optimal return on investment. These are important
features that can be found in our extensive standard programme as well as in custom developed and manufactured
machines. Because, no matter which products you produce, require or invent, the challenge of supplying a machine
for that purpose is something we are happy to take on. Time and time again!